Convertibles for Children

Twin Convertible Loft Bed by Coaster

Whether it’s a childhood dream, a mid-life crisis or simply enjoying the fruits of your labor, convertible cars have an almost universal appeal.

When it comes to outfitting a home, finding items that can be converted to serve two functions is just as appealing.

The Twin Convertible Loft Bed by Coaster is an ideal solution for growing families in a number of scenarios.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the loft bed unit is the bottom bunk being comprised of two separate cushions that unfold to create a seating area with a table surface in between them.

When trying to maximize a small space, the Twin Convertible Loft Bed by Coaster allows you to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for two children in the space it would take for one.

The ease of conversion makes the unit suitable for younger children close in age, so that they can use the lower unit to play or do art projects during the day.

For families where one child has reached the age where they could use their own room, the unit could either be used for sleeping and studying or doing homework.

For larger families with multiple young children, two units placed in the same room wouldn’t take up an abundance of space, but would still be effective in providing comfortable sleeping arrangements.

The possibilities are practically endless. Get the most for your money by searching for flexible furniture that is both well-designed and cost-effective.