Bathroom Storage Ideas – Part 3

Flower Bouquet Bathroom Mirror by Max Accents

There always seems to be a need for more storage in our bathrooms. The good news is, there are a number of creative ways in which to increase that storage without having to find a larger space.

The first ‘Bathroom Storage Ideas‘ showed how tower-style storage cabinets on either side of a pedestal will improve the symmetry and balance of the room.

Bathroom Storage Ideas – Part 2‘ covered how to repurpose an old coat rack and utilize blank walls to increase your bathroom’s storage capacity.

Here are a few more storage ideas for your bathroom:

Storage Tiers

Take advantage of the vanity’s counter space by copying  urban areas. Go up and not out.

Tiered storage like that offered by the Flower Bouquet Bathroom Mirror by Max Accents helps women to get a better handle on smaller items that tend to turn into clutter when they aren’t organized.

Accessories such as nail polish, small jewelry, hair clips, etc. will have been put into their proper place and your bathroom will be all the more clutter-free for it.

Recessed Wall Storage

Installing a second medicine cabinet that is recessed in the wall (between the studs) will increase storage space without taking up more space in the bathroom. Smaller bathrooms can really benefit from streamlined storage solutions like this one.