Where to Place the Television

Harmony TV Console by Nexera

Our society has become increasingly dependent upon television as a means of entertainment. For some, it’s an addiction.

When televisions were first available for households, it was significant to have one in the family room.

These days, some would find it shocking for there not to be one in every bedroom as well as the family room.

With “televisions in every room” becoming more commonplace, an issue that often arises is, “Where do I place this thing?”

The flat-panel television has opened up countless places where televisions can be stored that simply weren’t possible with large, box-framed television sets.

A great location for a television is directly over the mantle. By placing it above the focal point of the room, it enhances the space instead of taking away from it. There are some important things to take into consideration before storing a television over a fireplace.

There needs to be a certain amount of space in between the base of the television and the top of the fireplace, along with insulation, installation and wiring. However, a little planning can go a long way into making the living room a true gathering spot.

Depending upon the amount of work and planning you’re willing to put into it, a great place to store the television is in a recessed space of the wall, hidden behind canvased art. The art should be installed on rising or sliding hinges so it can be moved whenever the television is in use.