Bring in the Sea

Dufour Shell Wall Decor by Max Accents

With summer temperatures comes the urge to redecorate the home in warm colors and sunny themes.

And what represents summers at the beach more than seashells?

Few things can be as relaxing as strolling along the beach collecting shells with the tide running up and washing over your feet.

To incorporate some summer designs into your home, do something with all the shells you collect.

Here’s an idea for decorating rooms in your home with seashells:

If you come across a large seashell (or you purchased one – it’s okay. We won’t tell anyone), show it off properly by purchasing a large, clear cylinder vase.

Fill that vase about a quarter of the way with some sand (either store bought  or collected from the beach) and place the shell inside.

Use it as a centerpiece for your dining room table or at the picnic table or outdoor dining room table when entertaining, as it will certainly be a conversation piece.

Not going to the beach anytime soon? Not to worry. There are number of seashell accent pieces available like the Dufour Shell Wall Decor Set by Max Accents that will make your home feel just as summery.