Sleeping at the Office

Workstation Bunk Bed by Coaster

As kids get older, they start to “need their own space”. But they start to take up more physical space as well.

Unfortunately, our homes don’t grow with us and moving immediately isn’t always an option.

So, we’re forced to either put up with frustrating, cramped living conditions or we can find ways to maximize the space we have.

Modern innovations have made it possible to get a lot more out of that space; usually at a fraction of the cost.

The Workstation Bunk Bed by Coaster is a true all-in-one solution that will prevent you from having to purchase, ship and arrange separate pieces of furniture.

This bunk bed set comes complete with two beds, a desk, a chair a dresser and display shelves. Talk about a time saver.

Constructed of solid wood and boasting a cappuccino finish, the Workstation Bunk Bed is elegant enough to not feel like it was made for children and built to withstand the punishment young teens can inflict upon bedroom furniture.

The unit also makes for an exceptional hand-me-down for the younger children in a growing family.

Allowing space for homework as well as sleeping two, the Workstation Bunk Bed will buy you some time and help ease the pressure a growing family can place upon a home.