Occasionally Square

Matrix Occasionals Collection by Homelegance

The individual that loves math and art equally is truly a rare creature.

This is because both require different parts of the brain and most of us are hard-wired to be either analytical or creative; rarely both.

Ironically enough, the best designers are the ones who can incorporate order through patterns, arrangements, layouts, etc.; even if it’s only implied.

As free-spirited as some of us claim to be, there is still an order to the way we do things and how we live. Our lives would be chaos without it.

The Matrix Occasionals Collection by Homelegance uses side panels in order to help infuse geometric patterns throughout the room. With varying styles that can sometimes be all over the spectrum, furnishings that stylishly incorporate lines and order subtly restore balance.

This collection includes a cocktail table, an end table and a sofa table; all of which have glass insert tops. Unlike many occasional tables, the Matrix collection isn’t cumbersome because its narrow lines, cut-outs and glass top allows the eye to see both through and around the piece.

If you lean more towards the creative, free-spirit side of design, try incorporating geometric patterns through rugs, paintings, accent pillows and more. The broad range of colorful variations these patterns are available in actually help to make geometry cool.