Amp Up Your Curb Appeal – Part 2

Costa Brava Outdoor Fountain by Kenroy Home

Here’s the second piece in our series on cost-effective and not-so labor intensive ways to enhance your home’s exterior.

The first ‘Amp Up Your Curb Appeal‘ showed how updating the hardware, making the front door a focal point and creating symmetry can update the look of your home.

Below are a few more ways to improve your home’s curb appeal:

Flower Beds

When pruned, weeded and properly-maintained, flower beds do for your home what well-tailored clothes do for you. They make you look your best.

When left unattended, however, they can make the home itself look neglected and run down. This can also reduce the home’s perceived value to potential home buyers as well.

You wouldn’t want everyone’s first impression of you to be in worn-out, unkempt clothes that don’t match, so don’t let your house give off that impression either.


Pathway Lighting

Lights placed along the pathway leading to your front door instantly makes your home more welcoming.

While the styles of pathway lighting vary widely, there are a couple of formats you should be aware of. Pathway lights that can be wired into your home’s electricity are a bit more expensive than their battery-operated and solar-powered counterparts, but they are much brighter and more consistent as well.