Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

Carriage Lantern by Max Accents

Whether you’re just trying to improve the look of your home or you’re dressing it up to sell, improving your home’s curb appeal is always worth it.

Contrary to popular thinking, however, improving your home’s curb appeal is not always expensive or extremely time-consuming.

Following are a few ways to quickly spruce up your home’s exterior:

Focus on the Front Door

Regardless if someone is driving by, walking by or simply visiting your home, the entryway is the introduction to your home.

Make the first impression count by applying a bolder paint color to the door. Prefer a more subtle approach? Install a new wooden door, perhaps one with designed glass inserts.

The actually door itself shouldn’t be the only update. Show outsiders your personality and style by hanging a wreath or other decor that reflects your home’s interior.

New Hardware

Just as with cabinets, drawers, etc. inside the home, new hardware can have a dramatic impact on your home’s exterior without breaking the bank.

The locks, door handle and address numbers can all get a bit dingy over time or simply become outdated. Upgrade these to match the architecture of the home.

Create Symmetry

Nothing enhances design like a feeling of balance. Your home’s exterior is no exception. Using sconces on the sides of the door in lieu of a central overhanging light will create symmetry with the front door and will help your home’s facade feel more welcoming.