Fill in the Blanks – Part 4

Sonoma Wall Hutch by Prepac

Here’s the fourth article in our series on removing the lackluster from your home, one blank wall at a time.

The first ‘Fill in the Blanks‘ showcased the impact typography, or text-based, art prints can have on a space.

Fill in the Blanks – Part 2‘ displayed a low-cost way to incorporate classic botanical prints into your home as well as a way to give them a modern DIY update.

Fill in the Blanks – Part 3‘ showed how a boring desk calendar can be used creatively to serve as both function and art.

Following are a couple more ways to liven up those blank walls:

Floating Shelves

Floating shelving units like the Sonoma Wall Hutch by Prepac are great for small spaces because they take up very little space and reserve your cabinetry for your important items.

Floating shelves that are open allow you to stagger the alignment and height of them to increase visual interest and add height to the room.

In Place of the Headboard

If your bedroom has no statement headboard, don’t worry. They can often be bulky and make a room feel smaller.

In place of the headboard, hang 6-8 (depending upon their size) framed prints that are extremely similar in content, color, etc. Arrange then to form a perfect rectangle and you’ll have visually replaced the headboard while adding an area of interest to your bedroom.