CatNapper Invincible Collection


The Invincible is a Full Lay-Out Power Lift Recliner that is covered in a Hospital Grade 100% Naugahyde Vinyl that can be cleaned/disinfected with a 1 to 4 bleach water solution featuring a steel seet box and 350 lb weight capacity. Catnapper Power Lift Chairs are designed for comfort whether sleeping, sitting, or helping to stand. They offer convenient hand wands with push buttons for effortless lift control, comfort coil seating for long lasting comfort, fire retardant heady duty fabrics and cushion materials, powerful, yet safe 24 volt motor lifts with smooth quiet efficiency, battery back-up feature in case of power failure (9-volt batteries not included), time tested lift mechanism works in sync with motor to deliver multi-positioned seating, and all electrical components are UL and CE listed. Catnapper Power Lift Recliners are for comfortable residential use. They are NOT considered a medical device or designed to cure any illness.

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