Tuft: Defined

Regent Tufted Ottoman by Avenue Six
Regent Tufted Ottoman by Avenue Six

One of the most beautiful and structurally interesting techniques of furniture upholstery is the tuft.

To “tuft” is simply to pass threads through some form of fabric at regular intervals and securing the thread ends with tufts or buttons.

Tufting creates a pattern on the surface of the upholstery and has a way of immediately drawing the eye to it.

Furniture designers take advantage of this captivating aspect by implementing a varying number of designs ranging from the simple to surprisingly complex.

The most common tuft patterns seen are square and diamond, although some venture out to experiment with the possibilities.

More than just appealing to the eye, tufting can also change the surface, and therefore changing how the furniture is experienced. Tufts that are spaced further apart gives the furniture more give and tends to have more of a “cushy” feel.

Tighter tufts force the material between them to be elevated a bit and can have less give. For these reasons, however, furniture with tighter tuft patterns can sometimes be more durable and last longer.