Not Another Case of Boring

Topolino Storage Tower
Topolino Storage Tower

Most individual’s arguments for favoring the internet over books is that “books are boring”. While avid readers strongly disagree with that sentiment, there is one almost universal truth: most bookcases have a knack for being boring.

The Topolino Storage Tower by Nexera leaves the boring stereotype far behind. From its two-tone finish, its varying size shelves and closed storage at the bottom, this storage tower is far from traditional.

Modern coloring is vibrant and present with dark truffle casing and ivory lining and drawer fronts. The stylish, angled legs are polished metallic and beautifully contrast the tones.

Whether you need to store novels, reference books, CDs, DVDs or other media forms, the Topolino Storage Tower by Nexera has you covered. It has three open shelves and four square storage sections.

The best news is, the Topolino Bedroom Collection by Nexera gives you the opportunity to infuse the same exciting style throughout your entire room. The bedroom collection includes a one-drawer nightstand, bedframe, headboard, mirror and double dresser.

If you’re really in love with the design of the collection, a three-drawer chest, five-drawer chest, file cabinet, storage tower, storage unit and a computer desk are also available.

The Topolino Bedroom Collection by Nexera is particularly well-suited for smaller bedrooms, especially children’s rooms. Help your children begin to appreciate exquisite styling and fine design with this bedroom set.