Proper Lighting

Prisms 3-Light Pendant by ET2

Arranged the furniture? Check.

Hung the art? Check.

Situated the accessories? Check.

You’ve seem to have done everything on the list to properly decorate a room. However, something still appears a bit “off”.

Have you contemplated the room’s lighting? Depending upon how the room was constructed, it could either be well-outfitted with lighting elements, around which the furniture may be poorly arranged.

Or, the room may not have adequate lighting solutions to fit your intended use for the room.

Consider the room’s use when determining the amount of lighting that will be both useful and appropriate.

Since it’s important to see the meals you’re preparing for your family or to properly take care of yourself. Rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens often require total illumination. Other rooms such as libraries, dining rooms and sitting areas, would be best-suited for softer, more intimate lighting.

Down lighting and track lighting is great for focusing attention on items worthy of display, whether they be priceless or have more of a sentimental value. Task-specific lighting, such as under-cabinet or directly above mirrors, is especially useful for preparing items or other meticulous  undertakings.

Having improper lighting can defeat the efforts made for the room to look its best. Whether you need to rearrange things in order to maximize the impact of current lighting or to install new lighting elements, make sure you do what’s necessary to get the final payoff for your investment.