It’s Planting Time

Cedar Looks Raised Bed Planter by Rustic Cedar

Have you been meaning to plant some flowers or vegetables in your garden, but haven’t gotten around to it?

Although you could have gotten a jump on the vegetable planting for earlier harvesting, don’t worry. There is still an abundance of vegetables and flowers that can be planted in early summer.

A raised bed planter is an ideal option for those who prefer not to spend hours (or even days) of hard labor tilling an area of the yard to prepare it for planting.

Many gardeners believe that raised bed planters promote better plant growth and are easier to maintain.

The Cedar Looks Raised Bed Planter by Rustic Cedar will not only serve as a beautiful frame for your plants, but the cedar construction is naturally resistant to insects and rot. The light, even color of the cedar planter will beautifully contrast the colorful pants in it or the area surrounding it.

Don’t have a green thumb? At Online Furniture Design, we love items that can serve multiple purposes and this planter is no exception.

The Cedar Looks Raised Bed Planter by Rustic Cedar also makes the perfect sandbox. Cedar’s durability and rot-resistant nature ensures it will last longer than your need for a sandbox. After your children outgrow it, consider converting it into a zen garden. The possibilities are virtually endless.