Spark Your Child’s Fire for Reading

Firefighter Revolving Bookcase by Levels of Discovery
Firefighter Revolving Bookcase by Levels of Discovery

Inspiring children and engaging their visual centers is key in getting them to participate in activities that are vital to their development.

The Firefighter Revolving Bookcase by Levels of Discovery creatively incorporates children’s natural affinity with American heroes like firemen and policemen.

Represented here by the fire department, Levels of Discovery’s collection of themed children’s bedroom furnishings is more than enough to develop the adventurous side of your young child.

The Firefighter Revolving Bookcase resembles the all-familiar fire hydrant and features equal parts artwork and utility. Bright fire engine red colors are emblazoned on the structure along with two spacious areas to store his or her favorite books.

Perhaps the best thing is, the book case revolves. Sounding simplistic enough, this is a huge feature to be available to small children. They tend not to understand the mechanics of things, so stationary objects tend to get knocked over, which results in more things that  you’ll have to clean or straighten up.

Looking for more incentive to keep the children occupied and inspired at the same time. Levels of Discovery’s Firefighter Collection also includes pieces like clothes stand doubling as a growth chart, a hanging rack, a toy box bench and a table set with two stools. Each piece incorporates vibrant and engaging colors and graphics that would do any firefighter proud.