Decorating With Color: Orange

Decorating with Orange

Continuing with our series on decorating with specific colors, today’s article will focus on ways to incorporate orange into a room’s design scheme.

Whether it’s pumpkins, leaves changing colors or candy corn, the fall season always reminds us how vibrant and compatible orange can be.

Successfully introducing the color into your home is another matter altogether. Because of its striking nature, orange can easily dominate a room’s decor.

Naturally, of the many variations, darker oranges are easier to work with than brighter ones.

Darker shades of orange perfectly compliment browns, creams and other warm, earth tones. Take the Jester Club Chair by Armen Living for example, it successfully pairs a modern, retro vibe with traditional warm colors; something not too common.

Tie a room’s decor together with soft oranges paired with patterns Polka Dot Rug by Zuo Modern.

Reserve the brighter oranges for accessories like lampshades, art or throw pillows like the Large Sydney Square Pillow by Max Accents. These pops of color draw the eye to the time and effort put into putting your home’s decor.

Not timid when it comes to design & decor? Consider painting the walls a bright orange color, which will immediately infuse the room with energy. If that’s the route you take, be sure not to infuse too many other colors or overpowering furniture. Doing so could result in a cluttered, overwhelming room in which no one will find comforting.