Chip Core – Defined


Chip core is one of those materials you’ve more than likely come across at some point or another, even if you didn’t realize it.

More commonly known as chipboard, this is a hard material derived from pressed wood chips bound with a synthetic resin. And it is everywhere. Why? Because it’s cheap.

This is not to say that quality products that can last can’t be made from the material. It is just loved by manufacturers and budget-shoppers alike because it is inexpensive to produce and purchase.

Chip core can be known as many different things, depending upon where you are and who you’re dealing with. Among the popular alternatives are chipboard and particle board.

The material is often laminated and used to make bedroom, office and other types of furniture.

Furniture constructed of chipboard is great for temporary furnishing solutions when you don’t need the furniture to last forever. With proper use and care, however, laminated chipboard can last almost indefinitely.

Student desks, TV stands, bookcases and more is what chipboard often ends up as. However, the uses are potentially limitless. The major downside to this popular material is weight capacity. Because of its pressed nature compared to other furniture constructed of solid wood, it’s ability to support heavy objects (typically more than 50 lbs.) is drastically reduced.