Unique Headboards – DIY Ideas

Cabana Banana Headboard by Home Styles

In our prior article, Unique Headboards, we discussed the need to invigorate a bedroom with character through the use of uncommon headboards.

This article is going to present some truly nontraditional headboard ideas that will definitely infuse the space with individual character and charm.

Many headboards commonly available are boring and effective in putting us to sleep. But what about all the time you spend in your bedroom awake?

Here are a few ideas that will make you want to keep your eyes open as long as possible:

  • An old-world charm can be achieved by using an antique mantle as headboard. Place it flush against the wall and possibly pair it with an upholstered panel in order to soften the feel. These can be found at vintage shops or purchased new and given a gentle “roughing up” to make it appear vintage (which will probably be the cheaper option).
  • Looking for a breezy sea-side feel? Gather some pieces of driftwood, align them up and fasten them to the wall behind your bed. This paired with light colors and the right accessories will place you at the edge of the beach every time you enter your bedroom.
  • Old shutters inserted where a typical headboard would be creates the cozy cottage feeling and adds instant character that nothing new, out-of-the-box can deliver.

Search vintage shops for inspiration. Think outside of the box on this one. There are absolutely no rules to guide restrain your creativity. Make the bedroom your favorite place in the house for multiple reasons.