The Writing Desk

Overwhelmed by clutter in your home office? The problem could be a result of having too many places to store things. In my experience, more nooks and crannies almost always leads to more piles of papers to be organized later on. You have enough work to do already. Why add to it?

Britanica Writing Desk by Homelegance
Britanica Writing Desk by Homelegance

A writing desk is going to be the best solution. Elaborate hutches with file cabinets and shelves resting above the desk take away from actual work space. When designing the home office, creating as much work space as possible should be the goal.

Look for a large surface with no furniture attachments resting on it. This leaves much needed space for placing lamps, laptops (or desktop monitors) and other desk accessories while still being able to spread documents around and work effectively.

If the home office serves as an alternate location for work, minimizing clutter will increase effectiveness and preserve sanity. If it is your primary workplace, however, look for a simple bookcase to store reference books and other necessary materials.

It may prove difficult at first, but reducing the amount of storage for excess things will be beneficial in more ways than one.