The Futon, Redefined

Remember the old college or bachelor days where the futon was a required, but often shameful element of daily life?

Cedar Looks Log Futon by Rustic Cedar
Cedar Looks Log Futon by Rustic Cedar

Well, there is no longer a reason to think of futons in a negative¬†light. That is, at least from a design perspective. However, the renaissance in its design won’t do much to erase any bad memories that may resonate from prior endeavors.

The days of having to settle for an uncomfortable, metal-framed futon are long gone. New developments include more comfortable, true-to-form mattresses, wooden frames (available in any stain and varying styles) and different approaches to the way they fold (including traditional, winged and more).

The utility of its design makes the modern futon a stylish, yet affordable, addition to small spaces, guest rooms, game rooms and more.

Today’s designers have infused innovation and ingenuity into redefining the modern futon.

It’s time to reconsider the futon’s role in your interior design scheme.