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Kenroy Home Winter 8 Light Chandelier

Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland!

The leaves are all dead, frost covers our front yards in the morning and our smoky breath surrounds us with every exhale. Yes, winter is in full swing, at least here on the east coast.  For those of us who love the cold, it can be hard to find decor for your house with a […]

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Always Time for Tea time!

               Tea houses have always been known as a place for socializing. Turn your house into your very own tea house and start socialize in style! Decorating a room in your house with a tea theme is a cute and creative idea and it’s possible to do so without […]

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Ways to Improve Lighting - Homelement Furniture Design

Ways to Improve a Room’s Lighting

A room’s lighting directly affects the mood it creates, its overall look and the way it functions. The good thing is that adjusting a room’s lighting doesn’t always have to be very expensive. Besides, it’s certainly less expensive than transforming an entire space. So, if there’s a room in your home that doesn’t feel as […]

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Task Lighting - Homelement Furniture Design

Kitchen Lighting Tips

A significant part of our lives are spent in our kitchens. Whether we are cooking, dining, entertaining others or simply gathering there, the kitchen is usually the central hub of the home. As such, it is important that it be designed in such a way that it improves the lives of the people who use […]

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Track Lighting - Homelement Furniture Design

Lighting Your Closet

It’s quite ironic that an area of the home where being able to see what’s in it is important, is usually one of the most poorly lit rooms in the home. We’re talking about the closet. Traditionally speaking, the closet has the single light bulb (if it has it’s own light at all). Here are […]

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