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Always Time for Tea time!

               Tea houses have always been known as a place for socializing. Turn your house into your very own tea house and start socialize in style! Decorating a room in your house with a tea theme is a cute and creative idea and it’s possible to do so without […]

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Bedroom Trends You May Want to Try

As with all things design related, certain things go in and out of style. While some trends are new, many elements that come in and out of popularity are just recycled from time to time and given a new twist. Either way, it’s much easier to observe trends and then decided whether or not it […]

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Make Your Closet Look Like an Upscale Boutique

Upscale Boutiques and high end fashion houses have  knack for beautifully arranging items in such a way that even those who aren’t fashion-obsessed are tempted to buy. As a result, this look has become highly sought after in home closets. Don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to have deep pockets in order to give yourself  […]

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Mudroom Storage Ideas - Homelement Furniture Design

Mudroom Storage Ideas

The mudroom is one of the most underrated and overlooked areas of the home. At least that usually goes for everyone except the person responsible for cleaning the home. For them, it is no secret how important the mudroom is. We’re going to take it a step further and share some ways to maximize the […]

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Interior Trim Ideas to Improve a Room’s Look

Using trim to accent a room does many things for the space. For starters, it adds a bit of character and visual interest to the room. Trim can also add function to a room as well. Perhaps the best part of installing trim, however, is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to […]

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Deck Cleaning - Homelement Furniture Design

Regular Deck Maintenance

The elements can be unforgiving. Anything that has regular exposure to them is bound to break down over time. Decks are a prime example of this. Starting out beautiful, decks tend to dry out, fade and even rot over time. With regular maintenance, however, you can ensure your deck will be beautiful and last for […]

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