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Celebrate Summer In Style with Homelement and Rustic Cedar

Summertime is in full swing, which means it’s the season for barbecues, pool parties and other fun outdoor activities. Here at Homelement, we have a huge range of brands and items to fit your backyard entertainment and decorating needs. One of our most popular brands is Rustic Cedar. Rustic Cedar is an all natural, handcrafted […]

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Deck Cleaning - Homelement Furniture Design

Regular Deck Maintenance

The elements can be unforgiving. Anything that has regular exposure to them is bound to break down over time. Decks are a prime example of this. Starting out beautiful, decks tend to dry out, fade and even rot over time. With regular maintenance, however, you can ensure your deck will be beautiful and last for […]

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Replace Smoke Detector Batteries - Homelement Furniture Design

Preventative Home Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a home, a lot of the projects you take on and the tasks you need to complete are problems that spring up over time. While these are inevitable, there are a number of major problems that can be avoided through preventative home maintenance. Some tasks need to be done more […]

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Painted Front Door - Image Source Unknown - Homelement Furniture Design

How to Spend $50 on Design

Let’s face it. Most of us are looking to get the most bang for our buck. It’s especially true when it comes to topics like home renovations or changes in a home’s design. This is usually because no matter how hard we try, renovation projects have a tendency to go over budget and take much […]

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Home Exterior - Homelement Furniture Design

New Year. New Exterior Design.

With the new year comes changes. Earlier, in New Year. New Interior Design. we discussed some of the most common changes that take place when updating a home’s interior design. Then we thought, “Why should a home’s interior get all the attention?” We didn’t think it was fair either. So, we’re going to cover some […]

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