Spring Cleaning Guide – Part 3

Spring Cleaning Guide – Part 3

If you’re going to take the time to clean your home for Spring, we figure you might s well do it properly. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide. We’ve already gone over some good tips, so you can see: Spring Cleaning Guide and Spring Cleaning Guide – Part 2 if you missed them.

Here are a few more aspects of Spring cleaning worth including in your regimen.

Tackle the Garage

Spring Cleaning Guide - Part 3
An Organized Garage

For some of us, our garages are like second attics. It’s not as though they start out that way, but we just have a tendency to accumulate things over time. Well, it’s time to reclaim your garage.

Everyone’s garage, along with how they use their garage, is different. Before setting out to organize it, determine what you most want to use your garage for. Whether it’s a workspace for auto repair and DIY projects, a clear space to park cars or a combination of both, knowing what you want out of it before you get started will save a lot of time and headache.

As it goes with closets, go through every item and determine whether or not you need it. Not if you might need it. But if you truly need it. Thinking you “might” need something later has probably led to the cluttered garage in the first place.

Store items that are alike in categories and store them in areas where the more frequently used items are more accessible. If it all still seems too overwhelming, professional organizers can do wonders to get you started in the right direction so all you have to do is maintain what they’ve done.


Before trying to get out any stains, use an attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust and dirt. Pull out the cushions to thoroughly clean underneath them and vacuum the cushions as well.

Use a fabric cleaner and damp cloth or soft-bristled brush to get out stains. Although the cleaner may seem like a general solution, a good rule of thumb is to test it on an inconspicuous part of the furniture. If this doesn’t work on the stain, hire a professional to come in and steam clean the upholstered furniture.

Consider applying a protectant like Scotch Guard to prevent stains from settling in the future.

Rugs and Carpets

Spring Cleaning Guide - Part 3
Vertigo Rug by Zuo Modern

At a minimum, rugs and carpets should be cleaned once a year. However, you may need to have them cleaned more often if there are small children, pets or smokers living in the home.


When dusting a room, start from the top and work your way down. If you have a telescoping duster, use it to wipe down ceiling corners, crown molding and window ledges.

To clean the ceiling fan, which has an incredible knack for collecting dust, get as much dust off as you can with a dry towel. If it has been a while since the ceiling fans were cleaned, you may want to lay an old sheet across any furniture the dust may land on.

After you’ve gotten as much dust as you can off the blades and housing, spray some fresh paper towel with all-purpose cleaner and clean the housing and the blades.

For other items that aren’t easily cleaned with a simple wipe, spray all-purpose cleaner onto a rag and wipe the items down.

Be sure to seep or vacuum floors when you’re finished dusting.

That just about covers the major aspects of Spring cleaning. There are, undoubtedly, other elements that will be specific to your home and living situation. This guide, however, should cover most of the bases and help you enjoy your home throughout the rest of the year.