Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Hanging Lanterns by Max Accents

Used properly, outdoor lighting can truly transform the look and feel of a home.

Whether permanent installments or temporary arrangements, there are a number of ways to implement lighting in order to liven up and add character to an outdoor space.

In a previous post, Outdoor Lighting, we covered a few lighting techniques like up-lighting and silhouette lighting to highlight certain aspects of the landscaping.

Now, we want to point out a few items, tips and ideas that can be implemented to revitalize a space or introduce a certain theme.

Many landscapes have a strong focal point, like a walkway or a fountain. Using spotlighting or lighting the pathway are simple measures that will immediately draw visitors attention.

For a more short-term fix, look for portable lanterns, candle-holders and shadow boxes, which are easy to rearrange, transport and store away when not in use.

For those near the beach or those desiring a coastal feel, consider the Hanging Lanterns by Max Accents pictured here. Constructed of pinewood, glass and wrought iron, these lanterns look great hanging or resting on a table.

A great aspect of fixtures like the Hanging Lanterns by Max Accents are their relatively inexpensive nature (compared to more permanent fixtures) and their ability to be rotated or changed seasonally.

Check back for our next installment of Outdoor Lighting Ideas that will have ideas for the do-it-yourselfer looking to roll up the sleeves and express their creative sides.