Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor Accessories

Life’s too short to spend most of our time cooped up indoors. It’s bad enough that most of us have jobs that can keep us confined for extended periods of time.

Think spending time outdoors means giving up comfort and amenities? You might want to reconsider.

Modern manufacturers are creating furniture and accessories that are removing the “rough” from “roughing it”.

The Cancun Trunk by Zuo Modern (bottom right) is the ideal companion piece to the Cancun Screen, also by Zuo Modern.

See ‘Screen Them Out‘ for more on how outdoor screens can prevent nightmare scenarios.

Pool toys can be a lot of fun, but are usually an eye-sore when not in use. If, like most people, storage space in your home is strained, this trunk will store all of the items right next to the pool.

No pool? This trunk will just as easily hold extra throw pillows, blankets and other outdoor accessories.

The Cancun Tall Planter by Zuo Modern (above) comes in two sizes and goes a long way to providing seamless design throughout your outdoor space.

This line of furniture and accessories from Zuo Modern is constructed of a reinforced interior aluminum tube frame and a UV-treated synthetic weave.

With the myriad of well-designed items available to elevate your outdoor living spaces, don’t let your living room be the only well-accented area of your home.