Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Kitchen backsplashes are one of many interior design elements that provide as much in the way of aesthetics as much as it does function.

Backsplashes play an important role in protecting the walls from damage and staining; as this area of the wall is very prone to banging, chipping and staining. Kitchen backsplash design has evolved significantly throughout the years and here are some to maybe serve as inspiration for your next redesign.


Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration
Tile Backsplash

Perhaps the most common backsplash choice, tile is the most versatile, among the easiest to clean and install yourself.

tile’s popularity can be traced back to its sheer number of styles, colors, shapes and finishes to choose from. Tile also lends itself well to creating custom patterns and other layouts unique to your home, even if other people have the same materials.

Tiles for backsplashes are usually glass and ceramic, although colored concrete and other materials such as stainless steel have been seen.


Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration - Homelement Furniture Design
Image courtesy of Stone Backsplash

Stone backsplashes are a very popular choice because they add so much in the way of beauty and function to a kitchen’s design. Functionally, as with other backsplashes, stone protects the wall behind it from staining and moisture, which can lead to rot.

From a design standpoint, however, stone backsplasehes bring natural elements into the design and the unpolished finish, unlike metal and tile, adds a layer of texture to the kitchen’s design as well.


Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration
Image courtesy of Online Metals

Metal backsplashes are ideal for those looking to incorporate an industrial look into the kitchen (or to get the kitchen to match the rest of the home). Common metal backsplashes include flat stainless steel and stainless steel that has been stamped with 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 inch squares on the diagonal to create a diamond pattern.

When installing metal backsplashes in your kitchen, it is very easy to cross the line between industrial design and a commercial kitchen. Ways to steer clear of the commercial kitchen look is to place the metal backsplash behind the stove and between the cabinets that surround it, but to use another material for the walls beneath the upper cabinets.

Options for a kitchen backsplash are virtually limitless. Having this many options however, can also make the decision feel like an impossible one to make. Try not to go with a look that’s too trendy, as this can make your home a hard sell if what you selected is no longer in style.