Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Horshoe Bay Table and Chair Set by Zuo Modern

For those fortunate enough to have backyards and/or decks, you know how freeing it can feel to have a little breathing room available when you need it.

To take advantage of this outdoor space, many of us simply purchase an outdoor dining set.

It’s all too common, however, that we end up not spending nearly as much time outdoors as we originally thought we would.

This has a lot to do with the fact that our outdoor spaces are lackluster and bland.

Here’s a way to create an inspiring outdoor living space that will tempt you to spend more time outdoors than indoors:

Set Up an Oasis

Go far beyond what is expected of a typical outdoor seating area by creating an outdoor oasis. An area where friends and family will gather and spend hours enjoying each others’ company.

Arrange the outdoor seating in such a way that all chairs and benches face each other in order to encourage conversation. Surround the seating area with lush, green foliage; as many as your yard can accommodate.

Introduce vibrant patterns and colors in the form of throw pillows, rugs and tropical flowering plants. To complete the oasis feel, install a fountain or other water feature to enhance the tranquility on days you want to spend some time alone.