Creating Outdoor Living Spaces – Part 2

Outdoor Haven by Padmas Plantation

Spending time outdoors would be more enjoyable if our outdoor living spaces were more inspiring.

That is exactly what this series is centered on.

The first ‘Create Outdoor Living Spaces‘ showed how to transform an area of your yard into a miniature oasis.

If you’ve been looking to transform your outdoor space for quite some time and have a decent budget to work with, consider the following way to enhance your outdoor living space.

In addition to the outdoor seating layout covered in the first article, building an outdoor kitchen and dining area will result in a truly comfortable outdoor living space.

While having all the bells and whistles in an outdoor kitchen, considering what you actually need and what you’ll actually use can be a huge money-saver.

Money that could go a long way in improving the space in other ways.

A typical full outdoor kitchen consists of a grill, some counter space, a sink and a miniature refrigerator. The amenities your outdoor kitchen can contain is limited only by your budget.

When it comes to outdoor dining areas, ditch the traditional round table setup with the umbrella for a setup usually found in indoor dining rooms.

Incorporate a large rectangular outdoor dining table that will be suitable for large dinner parties and helps to evenly divide the space between the outdoor kitchen and outdoor seating area.