Lighting Your Closet

Lighting Your Closet

It’s quite ironic that an area of the home where being able to see what’s in it is important, is usually one of the most poorly lit rooms in the home.

We’re talking about the closet. Traditionally speaking, the closet has the single light bulb (if it has it’s own light at all). Here are some ways to upgrade the lighting in your closets to get the most out of the space.

More Effective Light Fixtures

Track Lighting - Homelement Furniture Design
Track Lighting

In many homes, the standard lighting solution for closets (if there is a light at all) is typically a standard bulb and socket and perhaps an unflattering dome to cover it.

Depending upon the size and placement of the closet (in relation to the main source of lighting in the bedroom), the current lighting may not be sufficient.

Consider installing track lighting, which is a much more effective light fixture. It allows you to take advantage of the single socket and mount multiple bulbs that can be pointed in the angles you need them.

Portable/Mountable Solutions

Portable Closet Light - Homelement Furniture Design
Portable Closet Light

Chances are, you’ve seen the infomercials about these portable, quick-mount light bulbs. If you haven’t, they’re definitely worth looking into.

These lights are entirely constructed of plastic, so there are no exposed glass bulbs to bump into or accidentally break. Because they are battery-operated, you don’t have to have an electrical outlet in your closet. Which is not a common feature.

If that weren’t enough, these portable lights are affordable and can be mounted with double-sided tape. This makes them ideal for apartments, dorms and other places where the alterations you can make are limited.


Lamp - Homelement Furniture Design
Lamps are an unusual closet light source.

Lamps may not be the first lighting solution that comes to mind for a closet, but there are many benefits to consider.

Similar to the quick-mount lighting mentioned above, lamps are portable and require no installation. They can also enhance the design of the closet and, when paired with paint, trim and a few other accessories, can make the closet an extension of your home’s design (and not a secret area that needs to be hidden).

Purchase, or refurbish, a nightstand to place the lamp on. The nightstand can then provide much needed storage space.

Ways to Improve Current Lighting

There are a number of ways you can improve the current lighting solution in your closet without making purchases or doing installations.

For starters, you can swap out the current bulb for a bulb with much higher wattage. If the current bulb is 40w, consider doubling it and going for an 80w bulb. For smaller closets, this should be sufficient. Significant increases in energy costs due to the higher wattage bulb shouldn’t be an issue because unlike kitchens or other common areas, the closet light will only be on for brief moments throughout the day.

The type of bulb you choose is also important. Newer technology has made bright white bulbs possible. Replace the traditional yellow bulbs with these if dim lighting is a problem.

How the clothes are arranged also makes a difference. Blacks, whites and other basics don’t need to be stored close to the light. Place seasonal clothes and clothes with multiple colors or patterns there instead.

Don’t struggle to see what you’re storing in your closet anymore. All it takes is a few adjustments and there will be a whole new experience when it comes to finding things in your closet.