Accent Lighting: Candlelight

Flamenco Floor Candle Holders by Max Accents

There’s no doubt that using candlelight will have a more noticeable impact on your mood than your electric bill. Unless you use candlelight as your main form of lighting, but that’s another topic altogether.

The Flamenco Floor Candle Holders by Max Accents is a set of three, modern-styled glass jars that are resting on iron bases of varying heights.

The key to getting impact from candlelight is quite similar to effects used with light bulbs.

Candles gathered close together will emanate brighter light and spacing them farther apart for a dimming effect. The higher candles are placed, the more light that is projected throughout the room.

Avoid mixing too many or conflicting scents at once, or the ambiance you’ve tried so hard to create will quickly go up in flames (pun intended).

The options for implementing candlelight into your routine is virtually endless, as is the types, shapes and scents of candles.

Wherever you place your candles, please be cautious and don’t place them on unstable objects, in the way of moving objects, etc. and don’t fall asleep or leave the house with candles still lit.

Whether you’re in search of a lighting option to set the mood or are just looking to mix the routine up a bit, implementing candlelight is a cost-effective way to do so while improving your home’s design at the same time.