Fill in the Blanks

Poker and Darts Wall Decor by Max Accents

Blank walls are boring. Period. There is no way around it.

Not only are they boring, but blank walls are a complete waste of space.

We’re going to show you some ways to fill in the blank walls that are artistic, practical, fun and a combination of all of them.

Here are a few:

Typography Prints

Because we’re used to reading things for the majority of our daily lives (newspapers, emails, advertisements, etc.), it is naturally difficult for us to initially ignore printed messages.

We may choose to ignore it after we glance at it for half a second, but it’s after we’ve already seen it.

Text-based art prints take advantage of this by incorporating bold fonts and striking colors into a message. Paired with graphics, these prints become attention-grabbing items that go a long way to display the theme of a room and reflect your own personality.

The captivating nature of prints like the Poker and Darts Wall Decor by Max Accents can help you draw attention to elements in the room that could otherwise easily be overlooked.

For example, arranging these prints over a side table in your game room where poker chips and other parlor accessories are stored, they subconsciously show people where they need to be.