Bedroom Trends You May Want to Try

Bedroom Trends You May Want to Try

As with all things design related, certain things go in and out of style. While some trends are new, many elements that come in and out of popularity are just recycled from time to time and given a new twist. Either way, it’s much easier to observe trends and then decided whether or not it fits your taste than it is to try to predict them.

Here are some bedroom design trends you may want to consider:

Wallpaper is Back

Wallpaper - Homelement Furniture Design
Modern Wallpaper Designs

Whether you’ve seen it on home decorating shows or you’ve purchased an older home and fixed it up, you know that wallpaper hasn’t always been the most glamorous solution. The designs were stale and outdated. If you went the redecorating route, then you know that removing it wasn’t the most fun you’ve ever had.

However, that was then and this is now. Wallpaper has made a serious comeback onto the design scene; and for good reason. The colors are vibrant and the combinations are bolder. How it is applied has also changed dramatically. Whether it is on the back panel of a bookcase to provide visual interest or beneath chair railing for contrast, wallpapering an entire room is simply the basics.

Personal Retreat

With the increased stress load we’re all taking on in our daily lives, an increasingly popular trend has been to convert bedrooms into private retreats. Some ways to make your bedroom a more comforting space is to invest in a better mattress and/or a comfortable mattress pad. Also make sure your bedding is as plush as possible. Take your sleep seriously and you’ll be better prepared to take on stressful days.

Eliminate bright, harsh colors whenever possible and replace them with lighter shades of calm, soothing colors instead. Color is powerful and soothing shades will make it easier to wind down.

Keep It Fresh

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Image courtesy of Maple Creek Custom Homes

Ordering flowers are no longer reserved for gifts and holidays. A trend that has been catching on in recent years is to keep the home filled with fresh flowers. Although, this can be a pricey endeavor if you don’t garden and maintain flowers at home. If this is the case, limit the flowers to places where you spend the most of your time such as the family room and your bedroom. The natural surface of color as well as the fresh scent go a long way toward brightening up a space.

Sweet Master Suites

If you’re currently living in the home where you plan on spending the rest of your life (or at least the next 10 years or so), consider the trend of converting your bedroom into a hotel-quality luxury suite. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get those hotel comforts. Although you certainly can if you like. If money or space isn’t an issue, consider placing a wet bar with a coffee or espresso machine and a mini-refrigerator there.

If you’ve been getting tired of looking at the same old design in your bedroom, shake things up a bit with one or two of the bedroom design trends mentioned above. Best-case scenario: you find something you love. Worst-case scenario: you stepped outside your comfort zone and changed things up. What do you really have to lose?