Bathroom Storage Ideas – Part 4

Heirloom Cherry Blanket Rack by Powell

Welcome to the fourth installment of our series centered around bathroom storage solutions.

The first ‘Bathroom Storage Ideas‘ discussed how tower-style storage cabinets on either side of a pedestal will improve the symmetry and balance of the room..

Bathroom Storage Ideas-Part 2‘ covered how to repurpose an old coat rack and utilize blank walls to increase your bathroom’s storage capacity..

The third ‘Bathroom Storage Ideas-Part 3‘ showed how to utilize recessed wall storage and tiered items for extra storage.

Here are even more ways to increase the storage in your bathroom:

Over the Toilet

Toilets take up a certain amount of space in any bathroom, and it isn’t optional. You can, however, maximize the area by placing shelves over the toilet.

Similar to many hotels, this shelf can be best utilized for towels, linens or other often-accessed items.

Pull-out Cabinetry

Commonly seen in pantries and other kitchen cabinet applications, vertical pullout cabinetry also works well in bathrooms because they take up less space and keeps items upright and easily visible.

Don’t Overlook the Doors

Installing small shelves on the inside cabinet doors can house a number of items and remains out of site when the cabinet doors are closed.

There are numerous ways to increase the storage capacity of any bathroom and they are only limited by your creativity.