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Homelement is on HGTV!

Homelement is proud to be one of the furniture suppliers for HGTV's new show, Home Rules. The show features design solutions to help organize the family's home. Some of the furniture highlighted in the show are the Vision Sectional and Chair from Istikbal, the Vista Cocktail table by Homelegance, Raymond Ike bedroom collection from Homelegance, and Hanna bedroom chest in white from Homelegance.

Don't miss Homelement on the show Home Rules which premieres on HGTV Monday, March 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT, 8:00 PM CT

Below are some of the design idea articles on how you can incorporate those pieces in your own home.

Chest of Drawers

Hanna Chest by Homelegance
Hanna Chest by Homelegance

Perhaps the most important element of bedroom furniture after the bed itself is a the dresser. It provides a sense of organization to what would otherwise be a gallery of beautiful pieces of livable art.

Dressers come in as many styles, variations and finishes as you could probably imagine. What a chest of drawers brings to the table that perhaps an ornate armoire or a horizontally oriented dresser cannot is its ability to compliment without hoarding valuable space.

The Hanna Chest by Homelegance is an example of an upright chest of drawers that is efficiently designed and plays well with other design elements.

The trim is reminiscent of crown molding and the angles created by the clean lines give the chest a sleek look. The brushed steel finish handles lends the traditionally designed dresser a modern touch.

The Hanna Bedroom Collection by Homelegance includes the bed, a nightstand, a mirror and a dresser instead of the chest of drawers. Although the chest of drawers can be bought in addition if the size of your bedroom has the space.

The light color of the collection allows for the addition of vibrant colors and patterns that will go a long way toward catching the eye.

Let the Hanna Bedroom Collection serve as a reminder that traditional furniture doesn’t have to be boring.

Redefining Classic Furniture

Vista Cocktail Table by Homelegance
Vista Cocktail Table by Homelegance

It’s a delight to come across a piece of furniture that has qualities that will generate a broad sense of approval. The pieces of furniture that will make die-hard fans of contemporary styling and inflexible supporters of traditional styling come together.

The Vista Cocktail Table by Homelegance fits the bill without question.

The convergence of different lines and geometric shapes are simply beautiful and helps the piece exude a sense of class or status.

Glass furniture typically has a way of coming off as untouchable and unlivable. The Vista cocktail table breaks that convention with ease.

An espresso cherry finish encompasses two glass display shelves that any magazine or coffee table book would be proud to rest on.

The elongated oval shape makes it ideal for placement directly in front of sofas and encourages more people to rest their drinking glasses or other materials on it. Whereas a perfectly round coffee table would isolate most people in a traditionally designed living room.

Ensuring that form meets function seems to be an ever-increasing goal in modern furniture design. If furniture like the Vista cocktail table is a result of the trend, then current furniture designers will find no rebuttals here.

Two Tone in the Home

Aristo Light Brown Vision Chair by Istikbal-Sunset
Aristo Light Brown Vision Chair by Istikbal-Sunset

One of the first things that come to mind upon hearing ‘two-tone’ is the 1950’s when Chevy Bel-airs and Ford Crown Victorias lined the streets and were regularly spotted at drive-in theaters and diners. Vibrant colors paired with creams and whites defined cool.

As decades passed, however, experimenting with clean lines, metals and more subtle colors became the norm. It eventually came to be known as the contemporary movement.

It wasn’t until the late eighties to early nineties when designers en masse begin experimenting with converging the two styles. It wasn’t until the late nineties and beyond before it was done well, but that could just be opinion.

It wasn’t meant in jest. Getting two design concepts to play well together takes time.

Tones aren’t the only thing the Aristo Light Brown Vision Sectional Collection has two of. It also serves two purposes. The chair and sectional in the collection also recline flat in order to relax without destroying the vibe that you worked so hard to create.

Perhaps the worst thing about being comfortable in various areas around the house is that you eventually have to get up and go to your bed to lie down.

Well, with the Aristo Light Brown Vision Chair by Istikbal-Sunset converts into a sleeper bed and features an under seat storage compartment. The storage compartment comes in handy for storing books or magazines that may not compliment the coffee table.

Stay tuned for more features and items in the Aristo Light Brown Vision Sectional Collection by Istikbal-Sunset.

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