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Bedroom Furniture Style Guide—Everything You Need to Know About Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your place to unwind and recharge. Obviously, creating a comfortable sleep environment is priority one—and the most important piece of bedroom furniture for achieving the look (and comfort) you want is the bed itself. We are proud to offer hundreds of different bedroom furniture pieces and bed frames, from basic metal headboards to ornate wooden sleigh beds. We sell dozens of brands; our bestsellers include Homelegance, Hillsdale, Pulaski, American Drew.

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Bedroom Furniture Buyer's Guide

With so many different styles of bedroom furniture available, deciding on the right set for your room can be a daunting task. However, there are a few ways you can narrow down your options when it comes to finding an affordable bedroom collection that meshes well with your preferences.

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Moving Beyond the Bed: Other Pieces of Bedroom Furniture

Although the bed is any bedroom’s focal point, we offer a wide selection of matching furniture, including armoires, dressers, blanket rack, vanities, mirrors, benches and nightstands. Feel free to mix and match from different collections to create your own signature style.

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Style Guide: Dining Furniture

Whether it’s your weekly Sunday night dinner, a holiday feast, informal get-together of old friends, or an intimate candlelight dinner, the dining area is one of the most intimate spaces in your home—and the scene of countless memories.

Are you daunted by the task of finding the perfect dining room furniture? Fortunately, we offer hundreds of dining room sets in many styles, sizes and shapes—to suit any room, style or family.

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Dining Room Furniture Style Guide

The obvious focal point of any dining room is the dining set. Dining room furniture can instantly transform the overall look of your dining room, so it's important to select a dining set that closely parallels the style or design scheme that you're looking to implement. Certain styles may work better than others in your home, so consider all of your options carefully before making a final selection.

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Pulaski Furniture

Largely considered one of the top furniture manufacturers in the United States, Pulaski Furniture has been a popular favorite among homeowners since it was founded in 1955. Pulaski Furniture creates a wide variety of pieces for application in almost every room of your home, but most people consider Pulaski bedroom furniture, Pulaski dining furniture, and Pulaski curios to be their best products lines.

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Homelegance Furniture

Homelegance Furniture (commonly misspelled Home Elegance, but actually one word) is best known for its unique bedroom and dining room furniture offered at affordable prices. Instead of focusing on a single style, Homelegance dining furniture and Homelegance bedroom furniture come in both traditional and contemporary designs, creating a very wide spectrum of products to choose from.

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Parker House Furniture

Parker House Furniture is an innovative company specializing in high quality wood furniture for well over 60 years. Parker House combines traditional styling with functionality as showcased by their entertainment center and library bookcase collection.

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Global Furniture USA

Global Furniture USA prides itself on a vast range of incomparable furniture which caters to all budgets and contemporary decors.

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Hillsdale Furniture

Located in Louisville Kentucky, Hillsdale Furniture has been providing homes with high quality furniture at affordable prices since 1994. Whether you are redecorating your bedroom, adding a new accent piece to your living room or putting up a home bar for entertaining, Hillsdale Furniture offers a wide variety of choices suitable for any décor and every budget.

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Zuo Modern

Clean lines and classic colors, Zuo Modern has prided themselves on modern aesthetics and top of the line quality. Zuo Modern’s collections boast contemporary and spontaneous designs at a top quality and value. Whether you are looking for a new media center, a clever way to spruce up or you home office or dining room, Zuo Modern offers a stunning array of sleek furniture to provide your home with a modern edge.

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Alphaville Design: Award Winning Modern Classic Furniture

Since 2003, Alphaville Design has been a trusted supplier and distributor of award winning modern classic furniture. Founded by a well respected industry veteran, Alphaville Design has been exceeding the expectations of vendors and customers alike, providing modern designs with classic lines. With an unparalleled commitment to creating high quality, high style furniture, Alphaville Design’s large selection gives you a magnificent reason to redecorate your living room, find the dining collection you have been waiting for or simply add a fantastic accent piece to existing décor.

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Nexera Furniture: Innovation, Simplicity, and Vision

Innovation, simplicity and vision are just a few words used to describe Nexera Furniture. Since 1991, this environmentally friendly manufacturer has been creating modern and contemporary ready to assemble furniture using cutting edge equipment and technologies. Nexera Furniture boasts a wide variety of furniture ranging from bedroom, entertainment, storage and office, perfect for outfitting any room and every contemporary or modern décor. Known for following furniture trends and style, Nexera Furniture knows exactly what it takes to satisfy a customer and furnish a stylish home at a great quality and an even better price.

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Powell Furniture: Dining Furniture

Making decisions about your Dining Room décor is a key factor in maintaining the fluidity of your home. Dining Room Furniture by Powell Furniture makes this not only attainable, but they also make it fun. Offering styles ranging from casual to contemporary, and from traditional to pub style, Dining Room Furniture by Powell Furniture is not only well priced and well designed, but it is guaranteed to provide you with comfortable, cohesive style.

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Accent Furniture by Powell Furniture

Bringing in special touches to any room can easily make turn a house into a home. With Accent Furniture by Powell Furniture, this can easily be achieved. Whether you are adding a Hall Tree for added storage and style, a unique chair to add visual interest and additional seating or a curio to display your keepsakes or china, Accent Furniture by Powell Furniture is ideal for any room and every price range.

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Kids Furniture by Powell Furniture

When purchasing furniture for a child’s room there are a few things to keep in mind, such as safety, functionality and style. Powell Furniture sets the bar high when it comes to children’s furniture. Ranging from bold and colorful to sleek and space saving, Kids Furniture by Powell Furniture provides your child’s room with a fun and youthful feel while remaining cozy, safe and affordable.

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Crosley: Premier Vintage Electronics

Founded in 1920, Crosley pioneered radio broadcasting and mass market manufacturing around the world. Powel Crosley’s name lives on with the remarkably detailed reintroductions and replicas. Specializing in record changers, AM/FM radios, jukeboxes music boxes and telephones, Crosley provides a delightful does of nostalgia and beautiful function. Rich lines, retro designs and authentic crafting have made Crosley today’s premier vintage electronics manufacturer.

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Kenroy Home: All Together Better

In March 2008, Kenroy Home adopted not only a new name, but also a new philosophy: All Together Better. Kenroy Home has been creating a beautiful and eclectic portfolio of home accents for years, and their variety and selection continues to expand. Kenroy Home is well known for its ample use of style and range of material, accenting décor spanning from classical and traditional to contemporary and casual. Offering lighting to compliment your interior and exterior, Kenroy Home is an industry leader in helping to create the right ambiance in any room of your home. Newer to the Kenroy Home’s catalogue are their Fountains, both indoor and outdoor, providing special decorative touches and tranquility. Kenroy Home accents the home with incomparable design, extraordinary flare and hand crafted quality, perfect for enhancing the environment around you.

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