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Style Guide: Dining Furniture

Whether it’s your weekly Sunday night dinner, a holiday feast, informal get-together of old friends, or an intimate candlelight dinner, the dining area is one of the most intimate spaces in your home—and the scene of countless memories.

Are you daunted by the task of finding the perfect dining room furniture? Fortunately, we offer hundreds of dining room sets in many styles, sizes and shapes—to suit any room, style or family.

Enjoy this style guide, which details all the many types of dining room furniture we offer. Being armed with a strong understanding of the different styles will help you pick a look that suits your lifestyle—and will become the scene for many memories to come.

Traditional Dining Furniture:

The Yorkshire Dining Collection
The Yorkshire Dining Collection by Homelegance is the perfect example of Traditional dining style. Think 18th or 19th century and you’ll have an idea of the fusion of understated elegance and regal quality which typifies this wonderful style. Tables are available in many shapes/sizes, but they are most often rectangular or round, and complemented with both straight and curved lines. Traditional Dining Furniture features delicate carvings, minimal surface decorations, and darker-stained wood pieces.

Contemporary/Modern Dining Furniture:

The Midtown Dining Collection by Hillsdale and the Vermont Dining Collection by Homelegance exemplify the Contemporary/Modern style. This style can add a distinctly unique feel to a dining area. Right-angle corners, clean edges and asymmetrical lines characterize the smooth-surface tables. Often made of iron materials, these dining room sets stress abstract designs (particularly on the base/legs of the chairs and table.) Contemporary/Modern may be for you if you are seeking a bold, unique feel to your dining space.

Transitional Dining Furniture:

Transitional sets are a popular choice because they seamlessly fuse traditional and modern looks, and fit with almost any décor. Transitional dining furniture often features plain, angular looks; unusual construction materials (glass or metal)—plus the usual classical lines and carved wood refinements. Here lighter finishes, smooth curves and matte surfaces are the norm.

Casual Dining Furniture:

The Bayberry Rectangular Dining Collection in oak by Hillsdale and the Roberto Dining Collection by Homelegance are two of our most popular Casual dining sets. These sets all help foster an intimate, almost cozy, ambience. White, natural and light finishes—and decorative carved, turned, straight or tapered legs accentuate the style. Circular (both round and oval) tables are popular; however, rectangular and square tables are common, as well. The tables in casual dining rooms often have smooth tops and dramatic highlights.

Country/Farmhouse Dining Furniture:

This style automatically makes your dining area feel homey. However, the style is not without an aura of romance: the distressed finishes provide nostalgic warmth. Pine and oak are the two most common materials; finishes may be washed, rubbed, or painted. For Country and Farmhouse collections, think simple lines, not decorative flourishes.

Mission Dining Furniture:

Hillsdale’s Delray Dining Collection and Homelegance’s Sophie Pub Dining Collection are striking examples of Mission dining furniture. This style features neat, sparse, rectangular lines. Oak is probably the most popular element of Mission style furniture, but by no means the only kind. However, don’t expect to find fancy ornamentation here—understated elegance is the key.

Rustic Dining Furniture:

Homelegance, Hillsdale and American Drew all offer wonderful Rustic dining furniture sets. They invoke images of lush forests and log cabins. Features include rough, exposed woods and simple lines, with distressed or natural finishes. Woods are typically pine, ash or cedar to accentuate the “natural” feel. Many items have textured looks; legs are thick and often squared. It is not uncommon to see natural details, including leather finishes or nail-head trim.

French Country/Provincial Dining Furniture:

The French Country/Provincial style is characterized by graceful curves, cabriole legs and seemingly handcrafted features. Scalloped edges and aprons enhance many of this style’s tables; carved detailing is common. For French Country, think welcoming, rustic, and old-world sensibilities.

Tropical/Exotic Dining Furniture:

The Bayberry Rectangular Dining Collection in Dark Cherry by Hillsdale exemplifies the Tropical/Exotic Style. These sets bring to mind beachfront retreats, gentle breezes and blue-green ocean waters. Made from wicker, rattan and wood, these dining sets feature highlighted wood finishes, table bases with wrought iron scrolls, and upholstered chairs in neutral fabrics. Tabletops are often round-shaped and glass; wood tops and rectangular or square shapes are common. Hand-painted, like palm trees, accentuate this style.

Queen Anne/Chippendale Dining Furniture:

Homelegance, Hillsdale and American Drew all offer wonderful Queen Anne / Chippendale Rustic dining furniture, that epitomize sophisticated elegance. Stately in appearance, tables feature scrolled, decorative skirts and corners; rectangular apron frames and beveled edges. Although this style is very sturdy, it appears delicate, almost fragile: carved knee cabriole legs taper away to a gorgeous Queen Anne foot. Queen Anne chairs have a rounded, soft look; Chippendale chairs are more “masculine,” featuring squared backs.

More to Consider:

A warm, inviting dining area is not built on a dining set alone! We have the perfect accessories to complete any dining room or area. We have hundreds of china cabinets, and sideboards for storage—and always have the right look for you. We also have a huge selection of other items to choose from, including the perfect counter-height tables and chairs, matching side chairs airs/armchairs, buffet tables, curio cabinets, kitchen carts—to name a few.

To really complete your dining room, also consider our wide range of chandeliers and ceiling fixtures, rugs, pot racks, serving carts, kitchen islands, vases, wall accents, miscellaneous accessories, baskets, boxes, baker’s racks—and more.

Our incredibly easy-to-use, powerful search engine will help you make refined, intelligent searches. Remember, Homelement.com is proud to offer something for everyone: if you have any questions—or want an item you can’t find here—please call us anytime, from Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM EST, toll-free, at (800) 996-8221.

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