Pulaski Furniture

Pulaski Furniture: Innovation and Style for the 21st Century

Largely considered one of the top furniture manufacturers in the United States, Pulaski Furniture has been a popular favorite among homeowners since it was founded in 1955. Pulaski Furniture creates a wide variety of pieces for application in almost every room of your home, but most people consider Pulaski bedroom furniture, Pulaski dining furniture, and Pulaski curios to be their best products lines.

Pulaski Bedroom Furniture

Most Pulaski bedroom furniture features a traditional style that incorporates ornate designs and heavy wood construction. Hand-carved pilasters, acanthus leaf motifs, and traditional four-post layouts are some of the stunning design elements that have given Pulaski bedroom furniture a strong reputation as some of the best in the industry.

The Edwardian Poster Pulaski Bedroom collection is a fine example of the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into the design and construction of every piece of Pulaski furniture. The scrolled posts, Edwardian-era design influences, and cabochon crowned bonnets all come together to create a breathtaking set.

The Edwardian Poster Pulaski Bedroom collection
Pulaski Furniture: The Edwardian Poster Pulaski Bedroom collection

Pulaski Dining Furniture

When it comes to dining furniture, Pulaski takes the best of its traditional bedroom designs and incorporates them into lavish dining sets that offer stunning beauty in a formal dining environment. Rich carvings, distressed veneers, and hand-crafted designs made with rich hardwoods all contribute to the elegance of Pulaski dining furniture.

The Royale Round Dining Collection showcases the best of Pulaski Furniture?s formal design expertise. Drawing inspiration from 18th century British antiques, this Pulaski dining collection boasts a rich cherry finish and high-quality wood grain veneers. This beautiful set is just one example in a wide range of Pulaski Furniture?s formal dining sets.

The Royale Round Dining Collection
Pulaski Furniture: The Royale Round Dining Collection

Pulaski Curios

A curio is a case piece, usually used to display collectibles, that usually features glass doors, panels, and shelves. When it comes to these special cases, very few manufacturers can meet the quality of a Pulaski curio. So if you?re looking for an elegant accent for any room, a Pulaski curio can deliver it like nothing else can.

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