Kenroy Home: All Together Better

Kenroy Home: All Together Better

In March 2008, Kenroy Home adopted not only a new name, but also a new philosophy: All Together Better. Kenroy Home has been creating a beautiful and eclectic portfolio of home accents for years, and their variety and selection continues to expand. Kenroy Home is well known for its ample use of style and range of material, accenting décor spanning from classical and traditional to contemporary and casual. Offering lighting to compliment your interior and exterior, Kenroy Home is an industry leader in helping to create the right ambiance in any room of your home. Newer to the Kenroy Home’s catalogue are their Fountains, both indoor and outdoor, providing special decorative touches and tranquility. Kenroy Home accents the home with incomparable design, extraordinary flare and hand crafted quality, perfect for enhancing the environment around you.

Lighting by Kenroy Home
Lighting any room in your home can drastically change the tone with just the flip of a switch. Lighting by Kenroy Home not only provides you with your desired ambiance, but it can easily become an important piece in your décor. From pendants to chandeliers, foyer to outdoor lighting, Lighting by Kenroy Home offers expert craftsmanship and exquisite accents made specifically for your home.

Ponte Vedra 9 Light Chandelier by Kenroy Home is an elegant way to provide warmth and romance to any room. With its dramatic curves and tall hurricane glass shades, the Ponte Vedra 9 Light Chandelier by Kenroy Home is a lavish and well-proportioned chandelier. The Ponte Vedra Light Chandelier by Kenroy Home possesses a glowing grace, making it a beautiful addition to any home.

Fountains by Kenroy Home
Peace, tranquility and custom craftsmanship are easily attained with Fountains by Kenroy Home. Whether you are looking to add a functional work of art to the outside or inside of your home, Fountains by Kenroy has got you covered. Featuring tabletop, wall, floor and outdoor fountains – each forged from a variety of gorgeous materials and made into numerous creative designs, sure to bring a sense of ease and grace to any home, inside or out.

Meditation Table Fountain by Kenroy Home brings a touch of sublime serenity to your life while fitting onto a table or shelf. Beautiful slate is a backdrop for the natural water, which cascades gracefully into the basin below providing a gentle sound proven to calm and relax the senses. Accented with copper and topped with a candle for a tranquil glow, the Mediation Table Fountain by Kenroy Home sleek and soothing enhancement to your home.

Portland Sound Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home delivers simple beauty and peaceful trickles to your backyard or patio. With its gentle flowing water and copper finish, the Portland Sound Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home possesses an attractive birdbath design, sure to help you make a few new feathered friends. Enjoy the relaxing sounds and sights of the gentle flow and luminous glow of the Portland Sound Floor Fountain by Kenroy Home.

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