Crosley by Homelement: Premier Vintage Electronics

Crosley by Homelement: Premier Vintage Electronics

Founded in 1920, Crosley pioneered radio broadcasting and mass market manufacturing around the world. Powel Crosley’s name lives on with the remarkably detailed reintroductions and replicas. Specializing in record changers, AM/FM radios, jukeboxes music boxes and telephones, Crosley provides a delightful does of nostalgia and beautiful function. Rich lines, retro designs and authentic crafting have made Crosley today’s premier vintage electronics manufacturer.

Telephones by Crosley

With their classic colors and vintage styles, Telephones by Crosley capture a time that has passed but definitely not been forgotten. One of the most forefront trends of today are the colors and lines of yesteryear. From 1950’s style payphones to sleek and curvaceous lines of the 1930’s European style desk phone. Telephones by Crosley provide a bold dash of color, style and a fun throwback to easier times.

1950s Classic Pay Phone Red by Crosley possesses well-known bold aesthetics that make any room pop. Available in black, brushed chrome, pink and red, the 1950s Classic Pay Phone by Crosley transcends time with it’s 3-slot style which is fully functionally as you hear the coins merrily jungle down to the base. Offering push button technology, rotary fashion dial, redial and a coin bank, the 1950s Classic Pay Phone Red by Crosley is a guaranteed way to add a vibrant smidgen of functional vintage fun to your home.

Music Players by Crosley

Reuniting the beauty of the past with the know how of the present, Music Players by Crosley do just that. Offering a wide selection, whether your preference lies with the velvety tones of vinyl or with the crisp sounds of a CD, Music Players by Crosley have got you covered. Between full sized and table top Jukeboxes, Stack-o-Matics and CD Recorders, Music Players by Crosley provide not stop hours of listening pleasure and classic vintage appeal.

Composer Oak CD Recorder by Crosley was created for those who love the sound of vinyl but crave the ease of the modern CD. Without any complicated wires or gadgets, the Composer Oak CD Recorder by Crosley supplies you with foolproof technology as your records can be transferred to CD with the touch of a button. However, if you still wish to listen to your albums in all their glory, the Composer Oak CD Recorder by Crosley still gives you the option of a 3-speed record player and also an AM/FM radio, CD and cassette player. Stunning classic style and musical multitasking is a superb addition to your family or rec room.

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